Google Play Developer Stories

Google Play Academy wanted to showcase not only their amazing course offerings for entrepreneurs looking to optimize and grow their app — but truly celebrate founder / CEO Mo Kamara’s personal journey to developing InovCares telehealth platform.

Crafting an exceptional womxn and BIPOC-led team for this multi-city production was central to the success of this series as the story covers deeply personal ground from Mo losing both his sister and his aunt to preeclampsia, a preventable pregnancy complication, and nurse Mattu’s experience struggling to conceive and not having a culturally competent healthcare team available to her locally.

This series categorically benefited from Director Maya Table’s (Atlanta) local connections and deep compassion for the inequities Black women face in the U.S. healthcare system. Cinematographers Lara Aqel (Atlanta), Chan C Smith (Chicago), and Ryder Haske (DC) elevated the visuals and led a seamless remote workflow. 

Following production, our veteran Google editor Luz Carasa worked closely with Janique and Maya to craft Mo’s story and honor Mattu’s patient experience.